March 12, 2021

HJ Talks About Abuse: Secrets Of My Mother - Generation Abuse

This week we talk to podcast guest Janitta Nichols, author and public speaker, highlighting the trauma and lasting impact of abuse on family generations.

We discuss Janitta’s childhood and how her behaviour was shaped following the sexual and physical abuse she suffered from the age of 6, for many years. By the age of 16, Janitta had suffered over 300 sexual encounters by several men in her family, primarily her stepfather.

Janitta discusses how the abuse made her question her identity and how she turned to drugs, gangs, and violence during her teenage years. She also discusses the impact on her own relationships with partners.

Janitta subsequently started her career as a police officer and continued to witness abuse in the families she was seeing. Janitta was frustrated that in such short periods of time, she was unable to help individuals further or make further change. She was often left wondering what happened to the individuals she encountered through her job and whether they want on to seek or find help.

In the podcast, Janitta discusses her ongoing struggle in adulthood to process what had happened to her which cumulated in her wanting to commit suicide and the impact this was also having on her relationship and children.

Janitta discusses how she had struggled with therapy previously. She tells us how she made changes in her life and began to write her story, resurfacing memories she had pushed to the back of her mind for decades which became therapeutic. Janitta talks about the process she went through and the changes she saw in herself from this. This assisted her to find the strength to speak out and her ongoing journey towards healing.

In our discussion, Janitta confirms how she discovered both her mother and grandmother were also abused and how this impacted her.  

Janitta has now released novel "Secrets of My Mother”, which is the story of a brave teenager who risks it all to her save her family from their abusive stepfather. The novel focuses on manipulation and control in the family environment.

You can find out more about Janitta here.

If you are concerned about abuse you may be suffering or wish to discuss this and are under 18 your can contact Childline on 0800 1111. The Survivors Trust also provides support for sexual abuse victims.

We encourage anyone who has concerns about sexual abuse to get in touch. You can contact Alan Collins or Danielle Vincent.

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